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Hey, Luceti. I've been thinking- with so many people coming in from all the different worlds, there must be all kinds of cultural differences between us, right? So I have a question...

What are engagements and weddings like where you're from? What the couple has to wear, what everyone eats, how they dance... anything like that. I've heard that rings are important in a lot of cultures, but I've never seen it for myself.

Also, um... if you found someone to be with, would you marry them here, even if it meant that you might someday be separated or forget it ever happened?

[Locked to Buffy]

Buffy? I'd like to talk to you, if you're not busy.

[She leaves the journal alone for a while, wandering through the Avatar house to see her housemates. Unfortunately that means coming back shortly after, to add to the entry:]

....For anyone who knew her, Yue... Yue of the Water Tribe has gone home.

[And now she feels gloriously tactless. WHAT IS GOOD TIMING.]
Tags: [voice], hey sokka let's get hitched, oh wait nevermind, sorry yue this is awkward, time to throw a party, wedding thoughts
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