Suki (sokkafangirl) wrote,

[Voice / Action]

We've been getting an awful lot of rain this month so far, haven't we? Was it this bad last year?

Speaking of "year"... getting pretty close to my first, now. A lot has happened to make it feel a lot shorter than it is. I guess it took me by surprise...

[Filtered to the Kyoshi Warriors]

Hey everyone, just a quick announcement:

Be sure to put in some extra practice today if you can, because tomorrow I plan on running a private tournament between you all to see how you're doing. It's hand-to-hand only, so you can use whatever techniques you've learned so far. Get a good night's sleep the night before, okay?

Next week I'd like to try some acrobatics, so we'll meet in the Battle Dome.

[Filtered to Toph]

Hey, Toph, if you're not busy today, want to work on some training? I have a few ideas I'd like to try.

[Suki is out and about today, picking some stuff up at the plaza, checking on the status of the uniforms, and hiding out in one of the shops when the rain hits. Otherwise, housemates can find her at home- probably soaked to the bone when she arrives, poor thing.]
Tags: actually the sound is quite pretty, kyoshi warriors assemble, my boyfriend has a beard, not sure how to feel about that, rain rain go away, toph
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