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Well... now that the draft is over, I think it's a good time to do this. Because of all the fighting we have do while we're here, either by choice or by force, it's a good idea to have some understanding of combat in case of an emergency. From what I heard about this last battle, even the people who took refuge weren't able to stay out of the fight. We can't really afford to take chances like that anymore, and I'd like to do something about that- so I have a proposal for the girls of Luceti.

First of all, I'm Suki. I know I look young, but where I'm from, I lead a group of girls known as the Kyoshi Warriors. We're well-trained in combat, and the focus of our style is a mix of defense, stealth, and using our opponent's strength against them. Girls are often smaller and not as strong as men, and it's very important to never view that as a weakness.

None of my warriors are here right now, but I want to start the group here anyway. There's no age limit, no experience needed, you just have to be willing to listen and learn. If you'd like to join, or ask me questions, please, let me know, okay? And if you don't want to get involved in my group, Buffy runs a fighting school as well, and I'm sure there's plenty of great teachers willing to help there, too.

I just don't want to see anyone else get hurt if it can be avoided, so... I hope you'll all think about it.

[ooc: going to the movies so replies will come in a few hours, just wanted to get it posted. |D]
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