Suki (sokkafangirl) wrote,

[Voice / Action]

...Hey, Fenimore? I'd like to talk, if you're free.

[Enough time has probably passed where it's safe enough to try, and with Sokka gone for a while, it's as good a time as any. One thing out of the way, at least.

Meanwhile, the Avatar house has been awfully busy lately, what with Toph and Zuko's return (both sans memories, which complicates matters even more), and with the recent experiment, draft, and Sokka's kidnapping on top of that? Things are pretty stressed. Suki's felt it, but even more than that- she's noticed it in Katara, who must be feeling much worse than any of them. And that settles it; it's time for a little not-quite-but-almost-sisterly outing.

Decision made, Suki pokes around the house looking for Katara, hoping to find a way to cheer her up.]
Tags: !fenimore, !katara, dammit sokka, operation: girls day out is a go, poor katara, she really does mother everyone, sit down shut up and smile
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