Suki (sokkafangirl) wrote,


I thought this holiday was supposed to be good for couples. So far it's been really disappointing.

I'll be happy if I never have to hear "Valentine's Day" ever again.

[And boyfriends have been equally disappointing; she feels like she's barely seen him for days. Stupid Sokka and his stupid other-girl friends. Stupid holiday. Stupid- ... everything.

She'll be in her room sulking and wanting to punch things. And she might not respond right away, either- she has to have a conversation with a certain someone...]
Tags: !fenimore, !karol, !katara, !mihai, !riku, !sheena, !sokka, !stella, !winry, !zelos, fear the wrath of an angry woman, fenimore is next, sleep lightly sokka, stupid boys, stupid holiday, stupid sokka, stupid stupid
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