Suki (sokkafangirl) wrote,

[Voice / Action]

...Um... can anyone tell me what day it is?

[Which might explain why she came home to an empty house after being unceremoniously dumped in the woods about ten minutes away from it. She's surprisingly okay after a Mallynap, just kind of confused as to why everyone is gone this morning. (That might have something to do with it being a school day, woo. Not that she knows that.)

After some food and a good long nap, Suki will head out for some fresh air; she might linger around the smithy or the school, depending on the time of day. Bother her?]
Tags: !charlotte, !fenimore, !katara, !shikamaru, !sokka, !winry, dun dun dun, is it bad memory or head injury, mallynap, missed a more interesting week...
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