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[Action, January 1st]



Hey, Luceti. I've been thinking- with so many people coming in from all the different worlds, there must be all kinds of cultural differences between us, right? So I have a question...

What are engagements and weddings like where you're from? What the couple has to wear, what everyone eats, how they dance... anything like that. I've heard that rings are important in a lot of cultures, but I've never seen it for myself.

Also, um... if you found someone to be with, would you marry them here, even if it meant that you might someday be separated or forget it ever happened?

[Locked to Buffy]

Buffy? I'd like to talk to you, if you're not busy.

[She leaves the journal alone for a while, wandering through the Avatar house to see her housemates. Unfortunately that means coming back shortly after, to add to the entry:]

....For anyone who knew her, Yue... Yue of the Water Tribe has gone home.

[And now she feels gloriously tactless. WHAT IS GOOD TIMING.]

[Voice / Action]

We've been getting an awful lot of rain this month so far, haven't we? Was it this bad last year?

Speaking of "year"... getting pretty close to my first, now. A lot has happened to make it feel a lot shorter than it is. I guess it took me by surprise...

[Filtered to the Kyoshi Warriors]

Hey everyone, just a quick announcement:

Be sure to put in some extra practice today if you can, because tomorrow I plan on running a private tournament between you all to see how you're doing. It's hand-to-hand only, so you can use whatever techniques you've learned so far. Get a good night's sleep the night before, okay?

Next week I'd like to try some acrobatics, so we'll meet in the Battle Dome.

[Filtered to Toph]

Hey, Toph, if you're not busy today, want to work on some training? I have a few ideas I'd like to try.

[Suki is out and about today, picking some stuff up at the plaza, checking on the status of the uniforms, and hiding out in one of the shops when the rain hits. Otherwise, housemates can find her at home- probably soaked to the bone when she arrives, poor thing.]


Well... now that the draft is over, I think it's a good time to do this. Because of all the fighting we have do while we're here, either by choice or by force, it's a good idea to have some understanding of combat in case of an emergency. From what I heard about this last battle, even the people who took refuge weren't able to stay out of the fight. We can't really afford to take chances like that anymore, and I'd like to do something about that- so I have a proposal for the girls of Luceti.

First of all, I'm Suki. I know I look young, but where I'm from, I lead a group of girls known as the Kyoshi Warriors. We're well-trained in combat, and the focus of our style is a mix of defense, stealth, and using our opponent's strength against them. Girls are often smaller and not as strong as men, and it's very important to never view that as a weakness.

None of my warriors are here right now, but I want to start the group here anyway. There's no age limit, no experience needed, you just have to be willing to listen and learn. If you'd like to join, or ask me questions, please, let me know, okay? And if you don't want to get involved in my group, Buffy runs a fighting school as well, and I'm sure there's plenty of great teachers willing to help there, too.

I just don't want to see anyone else get hurt if it can be avoided, so... I hope you'll all think about it.

[ooc: going to the movies so replies will come in a few hours, just wanted to get it posted. |D]
It feels a little weird to come of age so far from home. Hey, if anyone's listening- do birthdays make you feel awkward here, or is it just another year for you?

I'm not sure whether or not it's something to celebrate, but... still, it can be exciting, right?

[Contrary to the usual tradition of most people, Suki is in the Avatar kitchen today, trying to... make herself a cake. Or rather, a cake she can share with the family at dinner. She wants to know how to cook for her man, after all, and now that she's had a couple of cooking sessions with more experienced bakers, she thought it would be fun to try.

...Someone KATARA HALP should probably supervise, though, before she does something irreversibly unpleasant.]

[Voice / Action]

...Hey, Fenimore? I'd like to talk, if you're free.

[Enough time has probably passed where it's safe enough to try, and with Sokka gone for a while, it's as good a time as any. One thing out of the way, at least.

Meanwhile, the Avatar house has been awfully busy lately, what with Toph and Zuko's return (both sans memories, which complicates matters even more), and with the recent experiment, draft, and Sokka's kidnapping on top of that? Things are pretty stressed. Suki's felt it, but even more than that- she's noticed it in Katara, who must be feeling much worse than any of them. And that settles it; it's time for a little not-quite-but-almost-sisterly outing.

Decision made, Suki pokes around the house looking for Katara, hoping to find a way to cheer her up.]


I thought this holiday was supposed to be good for couples. So far it's been really disappointing.

I'll be happy if I never have to hear "Valentine's Day" ever again.

[And boyfriends have been equally disappointing; she feels like she's barely seen him for days. Stupid Sokka and his stupid other-girl friends. Stupid holiday. Stupid- ... everything.

She'll be in her room sulking and wanting to punch things. And she might not respond right away, either- she has to have a conversation with a certain someone...]

[Voice / Action]

...Um... can anyone tell me what day it is?

[Which might explain why she came home to an empty house after being unceremoniously dumped in the woods about ten minutes away from it. She's surprisingly okay after a Mallynap, just kind of confused as to why everyone is gone this morning. (That might have something to do with it being a school day, woo. Not that she knows that.)

After some food and a good long nap, Suki will head out for some fresh air; she might linger around the smithy or the school, depending on the time of day. Bother her?]
Finally snow, huh... it's prettier than I expected. We didn't have weather like this on Kyoshi.

It looks like I've put this off long enough, though. Sokka, are you interested in a shopping trip?

[SEE, she is a good and merciful girlfriend. How she knows her man.]

Oh, and before I forget- Katara, Toph, are you interested in a girl's day out? I think we should get away from the men every now and then, and I'd love to check out what the village is like during a snowfall before it snows too much.

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